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Personal Development Credits

Personal Development Credits

Beginning in September 2012, all high school students in Nova Scotia will be able to earn personal development credits and have these count as one of the five elective credits they need to graduate. Students can earn personal development credits in three areas: arts, languages and leadership.

Personal development credits will be awarded for approved courses, programs, for approved courses or programs of a high school standard that contribute to the Atlantic Essential Graduation Learnings and meet standards defined in the policy directives and guidelines that follow.
The Personal Development Credit Policy will acknowledge the value of student learning outside the public school system by recognizing for high school credit, achievements and credentials earned in the community.
Personal development credits will be reflected on a student’s high school transcript thereby enhancing the transcript for the student. 

  • Within the 18 credits a high school student requires for graduation, one elective credit can be a 
    personal development credit. 
  • A personal development credit may not be used to fulfil a student’s requirement for the 13 
    mandatory credits required for graduation. 
  • A student may have an unlimited number of personal development credits entered on their 
    transcript, beyond the 18 required for graduation.
  • Students who have earned a personal development credit from an approved provider prior to 
    entering grade 10 may be awarded that credit any time after they enter grade 10.

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