Millwood High

Late Registration - REGISTER ONLINE

To support following safety protocols, you can register now online.

The following supporting documents can be scanned and emailed to along with 

1) Registration Form fully completed (attached below)

2) Course Selection form completed (attached below)

Please use the following COURSE SELECTION BOOKLET link to support your course selection:

3) All Supporting Documents required (examples below)

a. Proof for Legal Name | one of these examples:

Birth certificate
Immigration papers
Legal Name Change certificate
Adoption documents

b. Proof for Date of Birth | one of these examples:

Adoption documents
Immigration papers
Birth certificate

c. Proof of Residency | one of these examples:

Utility bill
Bill of Sale

Other Information

Nova Scotia Health Card Number (MSI) and Expiry Date

If the student is International/Immigration, the following documents will also be required:

Proof of Medical Insurance
Study or Work Permit
Proof of Fee Paid
Letter of Acceptance
Immigration Papers

Once your registration and supporting documents have been reviewed, you will be contacted by a guidance counsellor.

If required, a meeting can be set up with the students respective guidance counsellor via zoom or phone on August 26th.