Millwood High

Reminder Course Selection Due March 4th


All information on course selection can be found on Grade Level Guidance Google Classrooms- codes found here:
GRADE 9: fp5ppz5
GRADE 10: j4tbv4b
GRADE 11: mqrqfva
GRADE 12: ufwvn6
Information can also be found on the Guidance Website:
Students select their courses in Powerschool. They have until March the 4th to complete this and they can make
changes to their selections up until March the 4th. After that date- only School Counsellors can make changes to
their selections.
Grade 9s have had the School Counsellors in their classrooms this week (Feb 22, 23, 24th) to assist with course
If your student requires a Powerschool login- please see either of the school administrative assistants.
If you or your student has a question about course selection, please email their School Counsellor.
Surnames A-L: Margaret Coffin

Surnames M-Z: Kate Lovett