Millwood High

Black Excellence Day 2022

For the first time ever, Nova Scotia’s public schools will be celebrating Black Excellence Day on
June 17, 2022.
Students and staff in Nova Scotia’s public schools as well as supporters are invited to wear black
T-Shirts to celebrate and stand in unity in support of the success of Black students. Black
Excellence Day celebrates Black Achievements, Black stories, Black Art, Black innovations, and
Black people and their communities. This is also an opportunity to commemorate the ongoing
struggle by Black Canadians for Civil and Human rights and to remember that small actions can
make BIG differences.
Nova Scotia’s Inclusive Education Policy is a commitment to ensuring a high-quality, culturally
and linguistically responsive and equitable education to support the well-being and achievement
of every student. Black Excellence Day is an opportunity for students to see themselves
represented, acknowledged, and celebrated and to grow understandings that create an inclusive
education for all students.
Black Excellence Day acknowledges the authentic and diverse intersectionality of the African
diaspora as beautiful with many diverse cultures, ethnicities, faiths and lived experiences and
the 400-year legacy of people of African ancestry within the province of Nova Scotia.