Millwood High

Staff Directory


Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Corkum, Stephen Principal (902) 864-7535 ext. 4
Coffin, Margaret School Counsellor (Surnames A-L) ext. 775-1111
Cooper, Dale Registrar (902)864-7535 ext. ext 6
Costard, Kayla School Counsellors' Office Manager ext. 5 Twitter
Greenland, Blair Vice-Principal (Surnames A-L) (902) 864-7535 ext. 2
Lovett, Kate School Counsellor (Surnames M-Z) ext. 775-1113 Twitter
Munden, Nadine Main Office Administrative Assistant 902-864-7535 ext. 0
Stymest, Noreen Vice Principal (Surnames M-Z) ext. 3

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Acker-Canning, Tracy Language Arts and Wellness ext. 775-1133
AuCoin, Glenn Department Head - Language Arts and Wellness ext. 775-1134
Bay, Ellen Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1223
Benoit , Jacquelyn Science ext. 775-1215 Website
Carroll, Jennifer Science Department ext. 775-1213
Charlton, Erika Science Department ext. 775-1212 Website
Clark, Sarah Resource Grades 9-10 ext. 775-1236
Cook, Lisa Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1234
Crathorne, Dayna ON LEAVE Social Studies/French Department
Dale, Angela Athletic Director - Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1233
Denny, Jennifer Math
Fraser, Stephen Languages
Frost, Grant Department Head - Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department
Gallant, Julianne Math Website
Gallant, Pat Math Department Head
Gorringe, Gary Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1152
Hunter, Jeff Social Studies Department
Jennings, Jason Science Department ext. 775-1226 Website
Jerrett, Raeann 100 % Resource
Kennedy, Jennifer Math
Laba, Mario Science Department ext. 775-1211 Twitter
Laing, Matt Math
Lebans , Julie ON LEAVE English Department
MacDonald, Caitlyn Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1203
MacDonald, Lindsey Learning Centre ext. 775-1202
MacKeigan, Lesley Math
McCullough , Ian Science
Pashkoski, Samantha English Department
Peters, Calvin Department Head - Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1236 Website
Pilon, Rhonda Science Department Head ext. 775-1222
Pothier, Jessi 100% Physical Education
Pratt, Jessica French
Rigby, Lawrence Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1127
Rose, Angela English Department
Shaw, Shane O2 Coordinator - Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1139 Twitter
Sparkes, Carla Math Department
Swales, Sara Learning Centre ext. 775-1239 Website
Thompson, Brittany Math
Trueman, Michelle Social Studies/Personal Development
Vaughan, Emily LST English
Verge-Ross, Ashton Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1131 Website
Wesley, Devin Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1128
White, Stephanie Learning Centre ext. 775-1240
Wood, Sidney-Lee English Department

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Carew, Michelle EPA
Clattenburg, Glendalee ON LEAVE EPA
Cole, Damon African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker ext. 775-1005
Davies, Nicole EPA
England, Wendy EPA
Fougere, Jennifer Assistant Leader SchoolsPlus
Gavin, Lorraine Youth Health Centre Coordinator ext. 775-1241
Hall, Robert EPA
Hancott, Sheila Library Support Specialist ext. 775-1137 Website
Maber, Kelsey ON LEAVE Assistant Leader SchoolsPlus (902) 225-0767
MacLellan, Alison School Social Worker
McGrath, Sarah EPA
McNeil, Stephanie EPA
Murphy, Barb EPA
Osmond, Treena Mi'kmaq Indigenous Student Support Worker 9028647535
Rayne, Karrie Youth Health Social Worker
Swinimer, Michael EPA
Webb, Kim EPA
Winsor, Heather EPA
Woodworth, Alex Community Outreach Worker SchoolsPlus