Millwood High

Staff Directory


Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Pierro-Hayes, Ayden Aboriginal Support Worker ext. 775-1206
Cole, Damon African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker ext. 775-1005
Welbourn, K Library Support Specialist ext. 775-1137 Website
Pike, Cst. Trudy RCMP Liaison Officer
Gavin, L Youth Health Center ext. 775-1241
Rayne, K Youth Health Social Worker

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
White, Adam Athletic Director - Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1151 Website
Jakeman, Cal Cooperative Education ext. 775-1139 Website
Shaw, Shane Department Head - Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology/O2 Coordinator ext. 775-1139 Twitter
Aucoin, Glen Department Head - Language Arts and Wellness ext. 775-1134
Cooper, Dale Department Head - Science ext. 775-1220
Peters, Calvin Department Head - Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1236 Website
McCarthy, Catherine ELA ext. 775-1005
Bakes, Angela English
MacDonald, Caitlyn English and French Immersion ext. 775-1203
MacIsaac, Joseph English Department ext. 775-1132
Bay, Ellen Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1223 Website
Gorringe, Gary Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1152
Woods, David Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1125 Website
Kielbratowski, Cheryl Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1152
Rigby, Lawrence Fine Arts/Phys Ed/Technology Department ext. 775-1127 Website
Acker-Canning, Tracy Language Arts and Wellness ext. 775-1133
Ward, Jack Language Arts and Wellness Department ext. 775-1135 Website
Fraser, Stephen Languages ext. 775-1233
Swales, Sara Learning Centre ext. 775-1239 Website
White, Stephanie Learning Centre ext. 775-1240
Hussey, Nicoline Learning Centre ext. 775-1202
Gallant, Julianne Math ext. 775-1142
Kennedy, Jennifer Math ext. 775-1228
Laing, Matt Math ext. 775-1208
McCullough, Ian Math Department Twitter
Welcher, B Math Department ext. 775-1144 Website
Cudmore, Dan Math Department ext. 775-1140
Gallant, Pat Math Department Head ext. 775-1210
Cainen, Emily Music ext. 775-1128
Jacobs, Pauline Resource ext. 775-1230
Conrad, Alana Resource ext. 775-1009
McLellan, Mike School Registrar ext. 775-1107
Benoit, Jacquelyn Science ext. 775-1215 Website
Carroll, Jennifer Science Department ext. 775-1213 Website
Denny, Jennifer Science Department ext. 775-1143
Jennings, Jason Science Department ext. 775-1226 Website
Laba, Mario Science Department ext. 775-1211 Twitter
Charlton, Erika Science Department ext. 775-1212 Website
Pilon, R Science Department / Math Department ext. 775-1222
Dale, Angela Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1233 Website
MacKinnon, Sonya Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1232
Merrick , Kim Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1237 Website
Richards, M Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1235
Cook, Lisa Social Studies/French Department ext. 775-1234
Verge-Ross, Ashton Social Studies/French Department (English) ext. 775-1131 Website
Whiteside, Robert Visual Art/Social Studies ext. 775-1229


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bowes, Lori Guidance Counsellor (Surnames A-L) ext. 775-1111 Twitter
Lovett, Kate Guidance Counsellor (Surnames M-Z) ext. 775-1113 Twitter
Costard, Donna Guidance Office Manager ext. 6 Twitter
Griggs , Cathy Main Office Manager ext. 0
Corkum, Stephen Principal (902) 864-7535 ext. 5
Stymest, Noreen Vice Principal (Surnames M-Z) ext. 3
Emanuel, Lauren Vice-Principal (Surnames A-L) ext. 4